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When the Barbershop Harmony Society our members belong to today was founded in 1938, there were no grand plans in place.  Our founders, attorney O.C. Cash and businessman Rupert Hall, just wanted to enjoy singing with other men.  Here’s the opening to the invitation letter they sent to the handful of men they thought would enjoy singing together on a regular basis:


In this age of dictators and government control of everything, about the only privilege guaranteed by the Bill of Rights not in some way supervised and directed, is the art of Barber Shop Quartet singing.

Without doubt we still have the right of “peaceable assembly” which I am advised by competent legal authority includes quartet singing. The writers of this letter have for a long time thought that something should be done to encourage the enjoyment of this last remaining source of human liberty.

His tongue-in-cheek invitation could have been written today–so I borrowed it.

The Harrisonburg Harmonizers are a group of men that love to sing and spread joy through song.  We have a few exceptionally talented musicians and singers with extensive musical backgrounds, but most of us are just simple guys like me with no strong music background who enjoy the fellowship of making good music together.  In fact, were it not for the resources like music learning CDs and MP3s where I can listen to how my part should sound, I’d be not writing this to you today, because I wouldn’t be singing and enjoying this fine hobby.

We sing a capella, our music arranged in close four part harmony that gives barbershop a unique and compelling sound.  Our music includes traditional barbershop songs and some other songs you’ll already know that are arranged to maximize our barbershop harmony style.

We sing as a chorus, we sing as quartets, and we sing as a group anywhere in between.  We’re a 501c3 organization whose vision is to:

  • contribute to the arts in our community through song;
  • to support music education and performance; and,
  • to spread joy through music to everyone we can reach.

If you’d like to experience our joy in singing and in fellowship, and in spreading our joy through song, contact us anytime, or just stop by next Monday night. Let’s ring a few chords together!

Yours in Song,


J. Scott Price
President, 2017
Harrisonburg Harmonizers

Come Visit Us Any Monday Night

Meet some of the guys

You will be our special guest. You decide how active a visitor you want to be. You may stand on the risers and sing with us. Or you can just watch and listen and hum along, to see how we learn barbershop music. Listen to our director and singing coaches as we work on our skills and learn song interpretation. See the way we learn new music and choreography. Enjoy the glorious sound of barbershop music with us!

 No need to call ahead.
Just show up and introduce
yourself to one of the guys.

You’ll be as welcome as the flowers in May.
Come along and sing your cares away.