Come Visit

Come Visit Us Any Monday Night

Meet some of the guys

You will be our special guest. You decide how active a visitor you want to be. You may stand on the risers and sing with us. Or you can just watch and listen and hum along, to see how we learn barbershop music. Listen to our director and singing coaches as we work on our skills and learn song interpretation. See the way we learn new music and choreography. Enjoy the glorious sound of barbershop music with us!

 No need to call ahead.
Just show up and introduce
yourself to one of the guys.

You’ll be as welcome as the flowers in May.
Come along and sing your cares away.

Monday evenings, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
(schedule may vary on holidays)

Guest Nights

The night includes a mini-show by the chorus to demonstrate to guests how we perform our music for audiences at events to which we are invited. Then, guests who want to try learning a little barbershop music are guided by a member of the music team, who determines voice placement for the guests, either lead, tenor, bass or baritone, by going through a quick singing exercise with everyone. The guests are then seated next to experienced singers in the chorus so that guests can sing along, following the song charts in a notebook provided for the evening.

The evening is obviously a night for recruitment of new chapter members. The Harmonizers demonstrate the joy of barbershop singing and the fellowship enjoyed by chapter members. The evening includes time for ample refreshments and informal chatting between guests and members. So, come along and find out what it means to be a member of this terrific group of guys.

A Few Visitors
A Few Visitors
Guest Night with some singing guests
Guest Night with some singing guests